Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today's post title brought to you by my mother, who sent me this panicked message when she saw the pictures I posted on Facebook. Bless her heart, I know she was worried, but that well-timed typo made me laugh through the pain I was in. Here is what she saw:

Pretty, huh?

It's hard to describe what happened, but in a nutshell, a two inch-wide, 20-lb board fell on my fingers on Monday night at work. You can see that my ring finger is a little red in the pictures, but my middle finger caught the brunt of it. And it... hurt. The worst part was that I couldn't go home... being a store manager isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes! There was no one else to close the store. I spent the rest of the night trying not to pass out or puke from the pain... I obviously have a very low pain threshold.

The next morning I went into urgent care, where the doctor fitted me with a finger guard and sent me off for an X-ray. He also gave me a prescription for pain meds and antibiotics so the hematoma doesn't get infected. A couple hours later he called to inform me that the very tip of my finger was broken, which for me was kind of good news because that meant I didn't have to go to an orthopedist! There's really not much that can be done for a broken fingertip... so I was instructed to use the finger guard as much as possible and NOT to use ice or heat. I also have to keep it elevated as much as possible, which means I walk around with an awkward hand just... in the air. I've been accidentally flicking people off a lot.

The pain medication the doctor prescribed for me is Lortab. And WHEEEEEEEEE is Lortab a good time. I took a full dose on Tuesday when I got to work and after about 30 minutes, I was having to focus SUPER DUPER HARD on everything-- I felt legit DRUNK. At work! Fun but scary... I've since halved my dosage while at work; the pain relief isn't as effective but I need to function! 

Uh, have you ever had a broken finger? A broken finger on your dominant hand? IT SUCKS. Like... I can't DO anything. Typing and writing take forever. Brushing my teeth is almost impossible, and don't get me started on showering and getting dressed. I haven't really attempted cooking yet (mainly because all my dishes are dirty), but that's probably no picnic, either. I feel like an invalid at work because I can't fold anything lol. Then again, that's not really a bad thing!

Lesson of the day, kids: BE CAREFUL. I'll end this with another pretty. Here's what it looks like today:

"It's OK" Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays

I love this linkup. It reminds me of Glamour Magazine's "Hey, it's okay....!" feature, and that page always makes me laugh. So without further ado..

It's OK...

... To eat four Thin Mints for breakfast. It's Girl Scout cookie season, all bets are off.

... To eat said breakfast at 2pm.

... To wear a dirty shirt to work if you don't have the time to do laundry.

... To paint your nails right over the sheer color you had on before.

... To let the day get away from you sometimes because you got sucked into Pinterest. 

... To leave your V-Day flowers up until the very last dead second (stole this one from Amber)

... To leave your clean clothes folded in the hamper until it's time to do laundry again.

... To still have your Christmas tree up on the first day of March.

... If your home is a disaster area but you're a legit OCD person at work.

... To paint your nails a shimmery grass green solely because you have two days off work, even if you have no place to be.

... To be completely horrible at taking care of plants.

... To plan an entire vacation wardrobe.

... To plan an elaborate menu to cook for the boyfriend while visiting him on vacation, because you haven't cooked for him in months.

Real post in a little bit! So happy it's my weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Here I go!

I'm sure everyone remembers, if not had, Livejournal. Livejournal got me through college, and the two or three years post-college, aka my Meredith Grey phase. Interpret that however you may.

Suffice it to say, right before I deleted my Livejournal, I went back and read some of my earliest entries, and holyfreakingshit was I dumb. I had so much second-hand embarrassment for my 18 year old self that I barely got past the first few months. Then I skipped ahead a couple of years to sophomore year of college, when I started to have problems with my boyfriend at the time, whom I dated for four years (with a break in the middle-- that should have been the end). Holy overshare Batman. Then I skipped another few years to the time when I was seeing, and then trying to get over, a guy I'll call crazystupidemowhinywannabeartist. That's a period of time I'd like to just erase. So... I did. It felt like throwing away or burning an old diary: slightly painful, but liberating.

That being said... this blog will be different. No more oversharing of my *deepest, darkest secrets*, no more silly, stupid quizzes, "no more tears, no more tangles." I just want to have fun and hopefully connect with some people!