Thursday, March 1, 2012

"It's OK" Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays

I love this linkup. It reminds me of Glamour Magazine's "Hey, it's okay....!" feature, and that page always makes me laugh. So without further ado..

It's OK...

... To eat four Thin Mints for breakfast. It's Girl Scout cookie season, all bets are off.

... To eat said breakfast at 2pm.

... To wear a dirty shirt to work if you don't have the time to do laundry.

... To paint your nails right over the sheer color you had on before.

... To let the day get away from you sometimes because you got sucked into Pinterest. 

... To leave your V-Day flowers up until the very last dead second (stole this one from Amber)

... To leave your clean clothes folded in the hamper until it's time to do laundry again.

... To still have your Christmas tree up on the first day of March.

... If your home is a disaster area but you're a legit OCD person at work.

... To paint your nails a shimmery grass green solely because you have two days off work, even if you have no place to be.

... To be completely horrible at taking care of plants.

... To plan an entire vacation wardrobe.

... To plan an elaborate menu to cook for the boyfriend while visiting him on vacation, because you haven't cooked for him in months.

Real post in a little bit! So happy it's my weekend!


  1. Hows about I even manage to kill cacti? Sigh. A green thumb I obviously lack.

  2. I killed a Living Christmas Tree. Damn thing has LIVING in its name and I killed it.

  3. I seriously cannot keep a plant alive to save my life. I thought I was the only woman around who had this problem! So glad to know I'm not!

    I also tend to paint over my toenails ALOT because I hate taking the paint off. Its pathetic!